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Hot Stone Massage in Dubai

Excellence comes with experience and our trained hot stone therapists offer rejuvenating and refreshing service. We make our customers feel happy, joyous and precious. Our luxurious massage makes you feel like in the heaven. Hot stone massage is a specialty wherein, smooth and heated stones are used and the gentle heat from the stone offers the deep relaxation. Our therapists work more deeply and quickly. In this massage therapy, our experts use stones that have exclusive properties including non-porosity, smoothness and the ability to retain heat longer. For the most relaxing and rejuvenating hot stone massage in Business Bay, we’re the only option. For performing specific massage strokes, our therapists use specific type of stones. They give gentle strokes so that customers feel relaxed, energized, comfortable and calm. The hot stone massage eliminates bodily stress and facilitates healing. Our therapy releases toxins, relieves pain with improvement in the blood circulation.

For the perfect hot stone massage in Business Bay, countless customers rely only on us and avail the benefits. It relieves muscle spasm, pain and tension, improves skin appearance, blood circulation and energy flow, helps in decreasing cancer symptoms, and autoimmune diseases and also betters joint flexibility. Most visitors to Dubai and even the local residents prefer to come to us to enjoy the benefits of hot stone massage. However before availing the benefits , it’s important to inform the therapist regarding all your medical conditions and also, how your body reacts to the external stimuli. Our therapist then assess your condition regarding the suitability of providing hot stone massage. It is something that offers not only enjoyment but also many health benefits. But, it all depends on the expertise of the therapist and we are proud to have expert and experienced therapists to provide complete bliss.

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